“ipad” for disabilities

Being a Special Educator and a parent of a young adult with Autism, the ipad sparked my interest almost as much as my son’s interest.  Joey ,as everyone at school knows him  is the funny, creative and loud  in the hallways.  Technolgy has always mesmerized him and he knows how to use it.  This was his tool to get the social interaction he always wanted, but never could manage before. He sees the world in a whole different light and all those around him have benefitted from his personality. From his expressions such as “the glasses don’t fit on my nose-nozzle”  or” uncle you are growing hair on your bald”.  Everybody, adults and kids k -12, know Joey and welcome him in their world.

The greatest impact, is that the ipad is a great equalizer.  Students who struggle with the everyday tasks that most complete with ease, have a chance to do them independently.  Joe will play games with others, he actively seeks out others, which that would have never happened before.  He identifies his wants and is constantly asking to down load more on his ipad.  In the business ed class he can add ideas, just by speaking into his ipad and finding resources to help the group. His perspective is now has  an added value. He is hoping to use the tools on the ipad including checklists, timers, email, dragon dictation and hopefully an iphone to build his own cleaning business. He uses his ipad to volunteer in the senior center playing games with his ipad as he enjoys socializing with his senior friends.    The ipad is always with him.

This is all  possible with  thanks to  his wonderful special education teacher and the ipad.  I still worry about his future, as he graduates from high school.  However, he now has the control to find solutions when he has a problem. He has an amazing tool that he uses better than his mother, me!


9 thoughts on ““ipad” for disabilities

  1. Paula, I think you have a gold mine just waiting to be tapped. I see such positives for this devise in the special education classroom. I will also add that RtI will be greatly enhanced by this tool.

  2. This was touching and educational for me. As a teacher of children with special needs I am looking forward to using the iPad with my students.

  3. I like that you call it an equalizer. I’ll have to remember that in an IEPER meeting. Thank you.

  4. I think that it is great that Joey has this opportunity, the iPad is an amazing tool for everyone!
    It can be personalized to fit the individual and his needs. What a help the iPad will be for Joey’s business!

  5. I think that it is great that Joey has this opportunity, the iPad is an amazing tool for everyone that can be tailored to the individuals needs. What a helpful device the iPad will be for Joey and his business, everything he needs to organize is found within several apps.

  6. You are absolutely correct. Joey has been able to utilize this tool very well within the school setting. I do know that he and others will continue to benefit from the iPad. I did enjoy learning how to use the graph app and am going to try to use it next year with my students.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your son’s story with us! It truly demonstrates how important tools like the iPad are for students, and especially students with special needs. I loved your quote “the iPad is the great equalizer.” Very poignant blog!

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